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JOIN US for a Plant night ~ Next Plant Night March 29th @ 6:30 pm
      Plant nights are a night of socializing with other plant lovers while your are guided step by step through the process of creating your own succulent planter you get to take home with you!

The cost is $45 and includes step by step instructions, a container, soil, rocks, decorations, your choice of four different succulents and refreshments.  All you have to do is grab some friends sign up & come have some fun digging in the dirt with us!

Plant night

Well it's my second week of my blog & I'm already behind, I knew I wouldn't be very good at total consistency but this might make me get better.  I originally wanted to post every week but as I get busier it is harder.  The winter months are a little slower for me.       Last week I was pondering the idea of a Plant night inside my greenhouse which is similar to the
paint nights but instead you build a succulent planter.  It is hard for me to throw myself out there again after I feel like I've been hiding in my safe home all winter, especially getting out in front of a group of people but I need to do this for my business.  That is one of the hard things about running your own business, you don't have to be somewhere, a boss isn't expecting you.  So it is difficult to make yourself go to work sometimes, especially when it is a bit uncomfortable.

     This year I decided not to attend our local farmers market to sell my tomato plants, I have been going for …

Why the Blog?

I decided to start my blog so  I could possibly get discovered more & generate more at home sales, so here I am.  Some what exposing myself more than I am used to.  I have been telling people for years I should write a book about my daily life & what it is like to be an artist these days, however I am going to have to keep the blog to safer, cleaner content ~but this will be a good start if I continue to follow through.  I hope to not only bore you with my words but also create some sort of 'field trips' with video to help you experience more of what I see & go through.  I also hope to create some of my own videos showing how I do what I do.      So to begin I will explain a little about me, I am a mother of two, wife, live in Northern Utah, Artist & greenhouse owner.  Boring I know but I was born (just barley) in the sixties & consider myself the HIPPIE version of Martha Stewart. Which might liven things up a bit!  Keep in mind I am no where near as organi…