Why the Blog?

 I decided to start my blog so  I could  possibly get discovered more & generate more at home sales, so here I am.  Some what exposing myself more than I am used to.  I have been telling people for years I should write a book about my daily life & what it is like to be an artist these days, however I am going to have to keep the blog to safer, cleaner content ~but this will be a good start if I continue to follow through.  I hope to not only bore you with my words but also create some sort of 'field trips' with video to help you experience more of what I see & go through.  I also hope to create some of my own videos showing how I do what I do.

     So to begin I will explain a little about me, I am a mother of two, wife, live in Northern Utah, Artist & greenhouse owner.  Boring I know but I was born (just barley) in the sixties & consider myself the HIPPIE version of Martha Stewart. Which might liven things up a bit!  Keep in mind I am no where near as organized or disciplined as she appears to be but I like to strive for better things.  I began in this brutal world of art years ago when I was young, I think I was drawn to it from a very early age & have been creating in many different ways for years.  My freshman year in high school, my art teacher told me I had something special & that I should sign up for a more advanced class the following years he also signed me up for a workshop held at Utah State University.  It was then that I had the confidence to begin my art career, I came home feeling very proud to be one of the selected few, told I had the talent, & had been given the encouragement to move forward, I then told my mother that I had decided I wanted to major in Art & she said, "Well how you ever gonna make any money doing that?"  BOOM! (Encouragement immediately taken away)So here I am trying to prove myself ever since!  Sometimes I think of it as a bit harsh but for the most part I believe it is what keeps me going & striving to be something more.  This is what the creative world is like.
     I left college a graphic designer & soon discovered I didn't want to spend my life in front of a computer, living in a large city & working a high stress job.  That wasn't me I am a nature lover growing up camping, fishing, skiing, swimming & spending most of my life outdoors so I ventured into creating on my own, making small sales & some connections along the way basically trying to find my niche.  When I was in college I worked for a greenhouse during summers off, today I own a small greenhouse which helps provide income when the art season is inactive as well as much needed relief from the pressures of the creative world.  Most of what I create to date is nature related in some way, using mainly gourds I also like to incorporate wood, old metal, glass & stones.  Lately I have been playing with paint & trying to apply new painting methods to my gourds & wood.
     This time of year I am getting ready for an art show & preparing the greenhouse for the season, I will try to keep you posted in more detail as things may come up & if there is any interest.  Bye for now and as I like to say........
                                                ~ ART ON! ~


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