Plant night

Well it's my second week of my blog & I'm already behind, I knew I wouldn't be very good at total consistency but this might make me get better.  I originally wanted to post every week but as I get busier it is harder.  The winter months are a little slower for me. 
     Last week I was pondering the idea of a Plant night inside my greenhouse which is similar to the
paint nights but instead you build a succulent planter.  It is hard for me to throw myself out there again after I feel like I've been hiding in my safe home all winter, especially getting out in front of a group of people but I need to do this for my business.  That is one of the hard things about running your own business, you don't have to be somewhere, a boss isn't expecting you.  So it is difficult to make yourself go to work sometimes, especially when it is a bit uncomfortable.

     This year I decided not to attend our local farmers market to sell my tomato plants, I have been going for fifteen years, depend on that income as well as built a good reputation for my plants so it is a very scary decision for me but I feel it might be time to start directing the public more to my location to purchase rather than me take the plants there & put them through some of the conditions they don't thrive in.  It is really what most market vendors want by attending the markets, is to gain a reputation & customer base.  Markets are a cheap way of advertising your business with a direct customers contact face to face.  Plus they come to your booth if they are interested instead of you approaching them for sales, I never really want to do that ~ I am an artist not really a salesperson but I guess I have to become a salesperson to make a living being an artist!

Anyways I am behind in my post, I have been doing some spring cleaning my house was getting out of control & I am going to be needing to work out in the yard & greenhouse more as the weather gets warmer.  I was busy last week preparing for my first Plant Night, I needed to go to the greenhouse my Dad works at (it's the greenhouse I use to work at in college & a much larger operation than mine) & pick up some container pots for the event.  The drive is two hours one way so it takes up most of your day, after a couple of days I started getting my containers out only to find they made a mistake & I was going to have to go all the way back for a $13 mistake!  Not even worth the fuel!  But what do you do?  Right?  So I face the fact & realize I'm going back, then later that day I received a call from a desperate customer planning a wedding, I added her order to mine, made more money & made the trip well worth it.  So you just have to try to stay positive & keep plugging along because you never know what's around the corner!

My first Plant night worked out pretty good, I will make a few changes it was good to do a small weeknight version to work out the kinks.  I made the cutest cheese balls to look like succulents, (in the first pic) they were my favorite part!  I didn't have very many people sign up so I asked a couple of neighbors to come & with a few calls I did have a decent crowd.  I gave the people I called a discount & free ones to the neighbors as sort of a trade to Thank them for coming & maybe help spread the word.  It turned out to be very fun, made us all happy & I think it will catch on.  I already booked a future party for someone who purchased a take home kit!  I hope to do some art workshops soon.   Some pics of the night.......
                                                                 ~Bye for now Art on!~


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