I have heard many people say things that insinuate they have absolutely NO artistic talent.

I have always thought that creativity comes from a muscle you have in your brain, when you don't use your muscles they become weak. I also believe we never give ourselves enough credit & we are usually the most critical to ourselves, I respond to these comments by telling people we use or creative side more than we realize & they should give themselves more credit, by pointing out to them they have done a wonderful job creatively putting the clothing they are wearing together, their hairdo or makeup.
Showing others they too can create something beautiful is truly one of my favorite things about being an artist! First recognizing the fear & doubt a person has when they are trying something artistic for the first time, their hesitancy, all recognizable because I too feel this way each time I challenge or push myself into a new level. Helping build their confidence, showing them with their own hands the tips & tricks, things to look out for, seeing a gleam in their eyes & a smile start to form. The best part, watching them walk out with a straighter back, a foot taller, with their creation proudly, but very delicately displayed out in front of them! Hummmmm creates a tremendous pleasant feeling inside of me!



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