Hard working hands with a little glitter!
     Yesterday I began the day with the email, posts & social media stuff.  After that I finished some pendants so I could cover them with resin.  I mixed enough resin to finish the second half of my
business sign & my pendants, poured the resin, covered with dust free cloth & left everything to dry.
Then I needed to build more tables for the greenhouse, take down the plastic walls & rehang in a different location.  Building tables consists of bringing in cinder blocks, 2X4's & wood pallets.(rain soaked pallets are very heavy!)  I needed to fill 4" pots for transplanting tomatoes, I filled 8 trays then finished transplanting my peppers. 
     I decided I wasn't cooking tonight, my son offered to get burgers & I finished the day by drilling over 30 egg gourds, attaching wood dowels for my workshop Saturday & painting a gourd I previously carved. 
 My hands show the effect of hard work ~ what you can't see is the wonderful feeling I have inside!  

 No matter how much or how little you might get done in a day, just be happy with what you did do!


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